+ Do I need to make an appointment to tour the barn?

Yes, please make an appointment to tour the barn and surrounding property. Tours can be conducted most weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. Please call Rachel at Frank M. Smith & Assoc. 928-369-4000 or email rachel@resortaz.com.

+ How many guests will the barn hold?

The 3,000 square foot barn best accommodates up to 150 guests or less and we have indoor chairs and tables to seat that number. There are five outdoor picnic tables for the kids to help out with seating. If you have 200 guests (the maximum allowed) most of barn's main floor is taken up in seating and tables will have to be moved after the meal to make way for dancing. We have outdoor ceremony chairs and indoor tables and chairs to accommodate 200.

To help plan for an event, please contact rachel@resortaz.com to have emailed to you the Interactive Barn Layout Grid which allows guests to virtually move tables around to determine seating arrangements. The 11 posts in the barn are just under 10 feet tall. The coach lights on each post are positioned 2’ 6” from the top of the pillars.

+ How much total space is there for my event?

Over 2 acres comprises the wedding barn area. A spacious lot just past the gates makes parking a breeze for all guests. Access to the barn for unloading/loading, for caterers, DJ’s, etc. can be done on three sides of the barn with vehicles. A service road is also available to the back of the barn for pull through vehicles. The ceremony area easily seats 200 guests. It is a grassy area with Ponderosa pine and is adjacent to the barn.

+ What are the dimensions for the grassy ceremony area, side patio and back patio?

The grassy ceremony area is approximately 100’ x 100’. There are six lampposts in the ceremony area and are 8’ tall including the light. There are electrical outlets close to the ground along two edges of the ceremony area. The side patio runs the length of the ceremony area and measures approximately 100’ x 12’. The entire back patio from side to side is about 48’ x 12’. About half that width is under the back roof. There are four posts holding up the back roof and they are 10’ tall each.

+ May we choose our own vendors?

Yes, you choose all your own vendors. We do not contract with any vendors but we do provide a list of vendors in this area. We hope guests choose local vendors, but it is not a requirement.

+ What are the stipulations regarding alcoholic beverages?

Guests may bring in wine, beer and spirits. SERVING alcohol is allowed but SELLING alcohol is not allowed. Alcoholic beverages being served are not allowed off the premises. Contracted persons are responsible for their guest’s consumption.

+ Is The Wedding Barn handicapped accessible?

The main floor of the barn plus the patio areas are handicapped accessible. Wheelchairs can be on the grass. The parking lot and areas adjacent to the barn are either crushed rock or cinders. A vehicle can be brought right to the front of the building for dropping off guests. An ADA compliant portable restroom is located outdoors and is available for use April through October, possibly November, weather permitting.

+ Is there a wedding arch and may we decorate it?

Yes, we have a custom made knotty pine wedding arch in the ceremony area. The distance from the front of the barn to the arch will be approximately 150 feet. The dimensions are: 6 ½ feet wide, 7 feet tall at the crossbeam, and 4 feet deep. You may decorate it any way you wish! You may use twine, twist ties, florist tape, or a light duty staple gun to adhere decorations. From time to time we move the arch to distribute wear and tear on the grass. The arch may not be moved by guests. All items put on the arch by the guest must be removed at the close of the event. All staples must be removed.

+ May I have a ceremony on the lawn no matter what?

It all depends on the weather. If the grass is saturated by heavy rain or snow, we cannot place chairs on the lawn. If there is snow, we do not shovel the ceremony area nor the side patio area, however, we do clear the front entrance and 2-3 side entrances for your arrival. In cold months, usually December through March, the lawn is frozen most days. Weather can be unpredictable, please contact us within a week of your event for current conditions.

+ May we add more lighting to the wedding ceremony area?

Yes, strings of lights may be added around or between the trees in the ceremony area. There are extra outlets on two sides of the ceremony area for this very purpose. To affix lights to the trees requires twine or something similar. For their health and protection, we do not allow nails, staple guns, or anything that penetrates the tree bark to be used on the trees. Bring extension cords with you if you plan on extra outdoor lighting.

+ What about pets?

We love our lawn and so do our brides! We work very hard to keep it looking good. Dogs can ruin grass in very short order. We also need to keep fur away from the property so that allergies are not a problem for future guests. So as much as we love the furry members of our family, we have to be considerate to all guests and to the bride whose dress flows across the grass. Thus, no pets are allowed. Service animals are allowed, of course, with the proper documentation. It is up to the bride and groom to inform all guests about our pet policy in whatever way they see fit. It’s an important item for a couple to add to their wedding website.

+ Do we need to contact The Gathering Place regarding the day and time of check-in for our event?

Yes, it is very important to contact The Gathering Place to make your check-in appointment. For weddings with day-before access, check in is anywhere from 1-3 pm. For example, for Saturday weddings, guests may check in anytime between 1-3 pm Friday to begin set up. Sometimes guests find they cannot arrive at the time agreed upon. That’s OK. Just give us a call so we can make adjustments to the day’s schedule.

+ What is the procedure on the day we check in for our event and why do we need a designated contact person?

On the day and time you’re scheduled for check in, please come to the Frank M. Smith Realty office to meet with a staff member. If a wedding planner has been hired for the entire weekend from set-up to take-down, that person may check in and be the designated contact person. The contract will be reviewed, highlighting certain areas along with the check-out procedures. Check-out procedures are printed out so guests know exactly what needs to be done before leaving the property. The key(s) to the building will be given out along with the wifi password and staff contact numbers. The staff member will then go to the building with the guest for the walk through and to review several items including the operation of the sound system. If inclement weather is forecast, further instructions will be given. If guests have not hired a wedding planner for their entire event, there must be one designated person responsible for the running of the venue during the guest’s stay and will be the person to contact the office if any needs arise. Once the staff person and designated contact person have completed the check-in process, set up may begin. Please allow 20-30 minutes for the entire check-in process. It is up to the contracted guest to let their wedding planner or anyone else assisting them, know what is or is not allowed per their contract.

+ What is the time frame for weddings?

All Saturday weddings are guaranteed 24 hours. For most weddings, brides and grooms and all their helpers have access to the barn the day before, between 1-3 pm. Yes, you may have your rehearsal dinner at the barn. Check out is 10 am on Sunday. This gives Saturday weddings up to 45 hours at no extra charge! This is one of the most appreciated perks at The Gathering Place. Weddings held Monday through Thursday are also given the same time frame. Sunday afternoon weddings have shorter time constraints due to barn cleaning from the Saturday before. Sunday wedding guests may check out Monday morning.

+ Do you offer discounts for non-weekend wedding days?

Yes, we do offer discounts! From April 1 through Oct. 31, all weddings on Sunday afternoons through Thursdays are discounted $500. The time frame for Sunday afternoon is not the same as for weddings on other days. We are cleaning on Sunday from the previous day’s wedding. Guests have access to the barn just as soon as we are done cleaning, thus the discount for Sunday afternoons. From Nov. 1 through March 31, all Saturdays, are discounted $500.

+ What if it snows before or during a wedding or other event?

If there is snow to plow to open up the parking lot and areas around the barn, before or any time during the guest’s stay, the guest is responsible for the cost, which is deducted from the $400 returned to the guest after their event. If there is a lot of snow, we do not shovel the patio area adjacent to the barn. The cinder parking lot can continue to be icy and wet after plowing. Sometimes the ceremony area can be used in the winter, sometimes not. The current weather conditions will dictate whether or not chairs can be set up outdoors.

+ How do I book a date?

Weddings require a deposit of one-third the total rent charge to book the date. A contract is written for weddings with the paid in full due date being 6 months prior to the chosen date. For non-wedding events, full payment is due at booking.

+ If we change our minds, do we get a refund?

No refund of payments made will be given, unless the date is booked by another party. In all cases where a refund can be made, a handling fee of $60 is retained by The Gathering Place.

+ Do you allow outdoor games to be played at The Gathering Place?

Yes, the venue space is perfect for games. The grassy area may be used for games that do not cause the grass to be damaged. Games such as horseshoes, football and soccer cannot be played on the grass. Indoor games that do not cause any damage to the furniture or the floor are permitted.

+ Who sets up the outdoor ceremony chairs?

A member of The Gathering Place staff sets up the number of chairs needed and in the configuration you specify.

+ Who sets up the indoor tables and chairs?

Guests set up the indoor tables and chairs. A staff member takes away what will not be needed so it’s not in the way during your event. The required number and style of linens for TGP tables that are used indoors is provided. When guests arrive to begin setting up, all the furniture that was requested is up against the inside walls of the barn.

+ What sort of sound system do you provide?

Our sound system allows for music to be played indoors throughout the barn and outdoors through speakers on the lamp posts. Many guests utilize it to enjoy music while setting up. It is designed for parties and memorials, but is not designed for weddings. There are two wireless mics that work inside and out. There is also slide show capability via a projector and pull down screen. There is wifi in the barn and a password is provided at check in. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that guests hire a DJ who brings in all their own equipment for weddings and other special occasions where exact timing and specific music is involved.

+ What are the restrictions for music indoors and out?

To maintain good relations with our nearby neighbors, we require that all outdoor music be off at 10 pm. Indoor music may continue until 1 am. If the indoor music is loud, the sliding barn doors must be closed, or the music turned down to a reasonable level so as not to disturb neighbors.

+ May we have an advanced photo shoot?

Yes, some bridal couples have requested an outdoor photo shoot in advance. As long as there is not another event going on and if outdoor clean-up has concluded from a previous event, a photo shoot for engagements or weddings is allowed by appointment.

+ What useful items do you recommend that guests bring to the venue?

If you’re doing any decorating inside or out, bring a light duty staple gun and something to remove the staples such as a needle nose pliers. Heavy duty staples are too difficult to pull out. A small step ladder or step stool is useful (an 8’ ladder is here on site for you to use), also paper towels for the kitchen. If you are stringing lights outdoors between the trees, bring twine and extension cords. If there's a chance of rain, bring towels to wipe off outdoor chairs and tables. Bring a few extra trash bags. We do provide 5 XL trash recepticles with 2 liners each and a kitchen trash bin with 2 liners each, same for the bathroom.
Should spills happen while you’re setting up or during your event, there are cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink, also a broom and dustpan.

+ Is there a bride’s room?

Our bride’s room is a beautiful space located upstairs in the barn, where the bride and her bridesmaids can spend time relaxing and getting ready for the wedding. It has 4 casual chairs in one area and 6 swivel chairs, one at each mirrored make up station. There is a sink, three extra-large full-length mirrors, and a privacy curtain around two of these mirrors. The bride’s room has its own heating and cooling unit. A wine cooler is available for use.

+ What about the double doors in the bride’s room?

We allow the opening up of the top half of the double doors to take in the beautiful scenery, warm summer & fall weather and the natural light which is excellent for photography. We do not allow the bottom half of this doorway to be opened, nor do we allow anyone to be on the roof for any reason.

+ Is there a place for the groom and groomsman to prepare for the ceremony?

We do not have a separate space for the groom and groomsmen. Many of our guests are either at hotels or cabins located very close to The Gathering Place and get ready there before coming to the venue.

+ Can anyone stay overnight on the property?

We are not able to allow anyone to stay on the property overnight for any reason. RV’s, tents, campers, etc. are not allowed. At night is up to the guest to secure the barn before leaving the premises during their contracted hours.

We do allow unoccupied vehicles and trailers in the parking lot overnight. Sometimes guests carpool after an event then return the following morning to retrieve their vehicle.

+ Why don’t you allow sparklers, campfires, candles, or anything with an open flame?

Many times during the year the surrounding forest is very dry. The barn is made entirely of wood. Any spark or flame, no matter how small, can cause a huge problem. The only exception to this NO FLAME rule is the use of outdoor propane heaters in cooler weather which may be brought to the property by the guest. Many guests use battery operated candles and the look is very realistic. These are economical, easier to use than real candles, last longer and are made much better than in the past. No real candles may be used indoors or outdoors under any circumstances.

+ How much of the rental fee paid is returned?

For weddings, $400 of the total rental price is returned as long as there is no damage to the grass or any furnishings damaged or missing, if all the staples have been removed, trash taken to the dumpster, and everything is taken out that was brought in, the remaining amount will be returned within 30 days of your event. We charge for: missing or damaged furniture, tablecloths that have un-removable stains or are missing, staples and decorations left behind, trash left behind, damaged grass, confetti and hay left behind, cigarettes and cigars on the ground, or if it is found that certain areas need more attention than normal, such as difficult to remove food and spilled beverages.

+ What is the measurement of the inside double sliding barn door?

The inside double sliding barn door measures 9’ 8” tall and 9’ 10” wide.

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+ What kinds of tables are at The Gathering Place and what are their sizes?

Indoors there are 15 round banquet tables that measure 5 feet across and are 2.5’ tall. Each seats 8 comfortably. For weddings, tablecloths are included with the use of these round banquet tables.

Indoors there are 12 rectangular banquet tables that measure 8’ x 3’ and are 2.5’ tall. Each seats 8 comfortably. For weddings, tablecloths are included with the use of these rectangular banquet tables.

There is one cake table that is 36” round and it can be 42” tall or 30” tall. We have tablecloths to fit both heights and they are included for weddings.

The linens we provide are for the indoor banquet tables and the cake table. If guests would like to cover the outdoor picnic tables and cocktail tables, they may bring tablecloths. Disposable tablecloths for outdoor use are a good choice for these tables.

There are two beverage service tables that measure 2’ x 4’ and are 41” high. We do not have tablecloths for these tables. They're nice looking on their own. Beverage tables may be used indoors or out.

Outside, there are two tall bistro-style tables with four chairs each. Their tops are round and measure 36” across. They are 36” tall. We have four round cocktail tables, 28" across and 30" high, with a mosaic pattern and four wicker-style chairs for each one. We do not provide tablecloths for these six outdoor tables. We have four green plastic picnic tables and two refurbished wood tables for outdoor use by guests. All picnic tables are the traditional size, tops measuring approximately 30" x 72". We don't provide linens for the picnic tables.


We do provide linens for any of our indoor banquet tables you request, and for the cake table. These linens are part of the venue cost for weddings. They are white floor length tablecloths. Due to pine sap and birds, we don’t allow these linens to be used outdoors. We don’t provide linens for our beverage tables. If you are bringing extra tables (for catering, display, etc.) or if you want tablecloths for our outdoor picnic tables (tops measure 30” x 72”) and cocktail tables, you will need to provide those on your own. Often, we have back to back events and if a group uses more linens than our table count (maximum of 28), we will run out before our tablecloths come back from the cleaners.

+ Do we have to put back the tables and chairs?

After an event, tables, chairs and tablecloths are to remain where they are. They need to be cleaned by us before they are folded and stacked, and tablecloths are to be left on the tables for inspection. You do not have to clean the floor.

+ May we use confetti and/or bales of hay?

We do not allow glitter, shiny shapes or sequins anywhere on the property. You may use real or artificial flower petals and biodegradable paper confetti. Please keep in mind that whatever is used must be cleaned up by the guest. Hay bales may be brought in but cannot be on the grass overnight or in place longer than 8 hours. All hay must be cleaned up. If we have to clean up any hay or any type of confetti, the minimum charge is $100.

+ Do I need to purchase event insurance?

Yes, it is up to the guest to purchase event insurance. Event insurance documentation is due in our office 2 weeks prior to your event. We have a separate document that goes into more detail regarding event insurance. It will be emailed to guests upon request.

+ What is the price for a non-wedding event such as a party, meeting or memorial service?

Non-wedding one day events vary in price according to number of guests, amenities required and time of year. Please contact us by phone or email for availability and pricing.